Monday, 17 October 2011

Walking to Montaña Colorada, Tenerife.

Yesterday, I walked from the boundary of the Las Cañadas National Park to the red volcanic cone of Montaña Colorada. The walk descends on forest trails giving excellent views of the surrounding forests of the Ifonche region and also the Adeje Mountains. The weather was very hazy, which restricted the views to a degree but I was still able to get some reasonable shots during the walk.

El Sombrerito at the start of the walk, near the entrance to the Las Cañadas National Park. Pico Viejo and Mt.Teide can be seen in the background.
Another view of Mt.Teide from near the start of the walk

Three views from the volcanic ash covered slopes below Mt.Colorada looking out across the pine forests of Ifonche to the Adeje Mountains. Although it was a very hazy day, the south coast can just be made out in the background.

Walking through the volcanic ash covered slopes of Montaña Colorada

The red cone of Montaña Colorada
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