Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Exploring the PR-TF83 from Cruz de Tea

Cruz de Tea from the PR-TF83

One of the original reasons for writing this blog was to keep purchasers of the book updated with any route changes and alternatives that I came across while doing the walks. Recently, I walked from Cruz de Tea, start of the Montaña Colorada walk, to check out the new PR-TF83 signposts that had appeared recently in the village as I was curious to discover where the route went. Picking up the signposts near the bus stop, I followed them along the quiet road out of the village, which eventually joined a stony way-marked trail as it climbed steeply to the hamlet of El Pinar on a beautiful morning as the dark silhouette of Gran Canaria hovered over the coastline far below.

Descending on the PR-TF83

As I climbed this path past an old finca fringed by two very tall palm trees, I crossed a rural road and realised that it would take me onto the Montaña Colorado route and back down into the village. After a quick diversion to check it out, it became obvious that the PR-TF83 would provide an excellent alternative finish to the walk and also cut out some of the road walking from the route in the book. When I was in the process of writing it, I became aware that there was a lot of path clearing and restoration happening on the island and frequently had to change my descriptions to accommodate them. The PR-TF83 appeared some time after the book was printed and I had never got around to investigating it until now.

Abandoned finca at La Florida

The path climbs from the village to the Paisaje Lunar (Lunar Landscape) walk and splits into two paths on the ascent and continuing my explorations, I took the right-hand branch which eventually joins up with another path from Las Vegas and passes the abandoned finca at La Florida. Here, there were magnificent views to Montaña Guajara and Montaña Arena. 

Montaña Guajara and Montaña Arena

On reaching the Paisaje Lunar path I descended on the other branch to return to the village after a climb of roughly two and a quarter hours, with the whole walk taking around four hours. I think that the lower section of PR-TF83 makes an excellent ending to the circular Montaña Colorada walk from 'Discovering Tenerife on Foot' and I have therefore put directions for this alternative in the 'Updates and Amendments' page.   
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