Friday, 29 November 2013

Walking in Arico

View from the Lomo de Tamadaya

This week, I walked from the beautifully preserved village of Arico Nuevo to El Contador, high in the mountains above Arico. The walk, which was quite strenuous, is around 20 kilometres long, took 7.5 hours and involved around 4,600ft/1,400 mtrs of ascent. After leaving Arico Nuevo, I followed an old camino real to Villa de Arico from where I picked up the PR -TF86 path to El Contador, a recreation zone/barbecue area in the pine forest. From there, I followed another branch of the PR-TF86 back to Arico Nuevo. The scenery, particularly around the Roques de Tamadaya is stunning. Below is a video of photos and video clips taken on the walk. 

Unfortunately, the batteries on my GPS unit expired during the walk so the track is incomplete. However, most of the route is here and the missing section is easy to follow back to Arico Nuevo as you just stay on the PR-TF86 and follow the signs back to the village. Please refer to the first paragraph for the full specification of the walk.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

A walk around Cabezo del Viento, Anaga, Tenerife

View to Teide from Mirador de Jardines

I started this walk from the stunning Mirador de Jardines viewpoint from where I had breathtaking views across to the peak of Teide as puffs of cotton-wool like cloud threatened to obscure the volcano. 

V iew to Santa Cruz harbour along the Barranco de Tahodio

The walk initially followed a path above the Barranco de Tahodio with it's reservoir and views down to the harbour in the islands capital of Santa Cruz. 

Roque del Agua

Soon however, the path plunged into dense laurisilva forest as it climbed up to the next mirador viewpoint on the walk at Pico del Ingles. If anything this was an even more impressive vantage point than the Mirador de Jardines although this was tempered somewhat by the coach parties milling about so I didn't hang around for long. 

The village of Los Catalanes

Descending steeply now, I plunged once again into the forest, eventually emerging to yet more postcard views of Roque del Agua and the small village of Los Catalanes nestled quietly in the floor of a beautiful valley. I paused for a while to take in the peace and quiet as I enjoyed the views of the laurel forested mountains surrounding Los Catalanes. 

Views of Roque de La Forteleza

Continuing, I followed the path as it circled around the flanks of Cabezo del Viento, soon passing the scattered houses at La Forteleza from where I had excellent views of the imposing Roque de La Forteleza.

Cabezo del Viento

A fairly steep climb soon led me back into the forest and I plunged steeply down the wooded slopes before emerging from the trees once again and more stunning views into the Barranco de Tahodio. A short walk back up the camino rural and I was back at the car after a scenically impressive walk, in what is for me, the most beautiful area of Tenerife.