Sunday, 16 February 2014

'Winter' comes to Tenerife

Roque Imoque and the snow capped mountains of Las Cañadas

Here in Tenerife we have, at times, had quite a cool 'winter' with decent amounts of rainfall, which in the higher regions fall as snow. This weekend saw wintery conditions in the mountains and northern parts of the island, although here in the south, the 'bad weather' resulted in no more than a handful of showers in an otherwise sunny day. Today, (Sunday 16th Feb) I have been out walking in the Ifonche region and the weather was quite superb with clear blue skies, although, because of the altitude, it was quite chilly at times. The area looked particularly attractive with a backdrop of snow covered mountains above the pines. Of course, when the weather is bad in the mountains, this can be quite dangerous at altitude and over the weekend a group of walkers had to be rescued while trying to climb to the summit of Teide.